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Print & Enlargement Pricing and Shipping

Published 03/22/2018 14:23 PM   |    Updated 03/22/2018 14:23 PM


NOTE: The pricing grid below applies to regular price digital prints only. Orders cannot contain more than 9,999 prints.

Print Pricing

ProductIn-Store Pickup
In-Store Pickup
Price (each)
Mail Delivery
Mail Delivery
Price (each)
4x6 or 4x5.3 Print1-74$0.331-74$0.33
4x6  or 4x5.3 Print75+$0.2375+$0.23
4x4 Print1+$0.391+$0.39
5x7 Print1+$2.991+$2.99
8x8 Print1+$3.991+$3.99
8x10 Print1+$3.991+$3.99
(set of 4)
4x4 Collage Print1+$0.491+$0.49
4x6 Collage Print1+$0.391+$0.39
5x7 Collage Print1+$3.491+$3.49
8x8 Collage Print1+$4.991+$4.99
8x10 Collage Print1+$4.491+$4.49
8x8 Designer Print1+$4.991+$4.99
8x10 Designer print1+$4.991+$4.99
12x12 Designer PrintNot Available In-StoreNot Available In-Store1+$5.99

Paper type: For store pickup orders, prints are available in glossy finish. For mail orders, prints are available in glossy or matte finish. There is no additional charge for either finish. 

Shipping & Handling: Mail Delivery Prints & Enlargements
Note: In-Store pickup orders do not pay shipping and handling
Shipping MethodQuantityPrice
Standard (USPS)1-5 Prints$0.99
 6-15 Prints$1.48
 16-25 Prints$1.97
 26-35 prints$2.46
 36-45 prints$2.95
 46-55 prints$3.44
 56-65 prints$3.93
 66-75 prints$4.42
 76-85 prints$4.91
 86-99 prints$5.40
 100+ Prints$5.89
2 Day (Expedited)1-5 Prints$5.99
 6-15 Prints$6.48
 16-25 Prints$6.97
 Ea. add'l 10 itemsAdd $0.49
Overnight (Rush)1-5 Prints$8.99
 6-15 Prints$9.48
 16-25 Prints$9.97
 Ea. add'l 10 printsAdd $0.49
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