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Creating Calendars 1.0

Published 11/22/2016 20:59 PM   |    Updated 11/22/2016 20:59 PM

1. Choose your calendar size and options.

  1. Click the Calendars tab at the top of any Walgreens Photo page.
  2. Click the size and style of calendar you'd like to create.
    You can choose from 8.5x11*, 11.5x14 or 12x12 Wall Calendars, Desk Calendars, or Collage Calendar Posters*. (*Eligible for Same Day Pickup?.)
    NOTE: Once you select the type of calendar you would like to create, you are not able to change the size without starting over.
  3. Click the tile of the layout/style of calendar you'd like to create.
  4. Choose the radio button next to either 12 or 18 months (if applicable), use the dropdown menu to select the month you'd like your calendar to start, and click Create Now.
    NOTE: If you are not already signed in, you will be prompted to enter your sign in credentials. Or, you can click Enter as guest to upload and create a calendar without an account.

2. Select your photos.

  1. Click the blue Get Photos button on the right side of the screen.
  2. From the list on the left, choose the album where the photos you'd like to use are located. Or, click on Upload More to use new pictures not already in your Walgreens account.
  3. Click once or drag and drop the photos you'd like to use into the Your Collected Photos box on the right. These are the photos that will appear in the calendar builder.
    TIP: You do not have to use every photo you put in the Your Collected Photos box; feel free to select more photos to try out different images and designs.
  4. Click Done once you have selected the photos you want to use.
    NOTE: You may be prompted to Autofill your calendar with the photos you selected. Clicking Yes, Autofill will automatically place the photos in your calendar. Clicking No thanks will allow you to manually place your photos where you'd like them. You can always rearrange your photos later.

3. Customize and finish your calendar's layout.

  1. Drag and drop an image from the Your Photos box on the right to the blank space(s) in your calendar's cover. The blank spaces for photos will say Drag Photo Here and be shaded in gray.
  2. Click once to type text or a title (if applicable) in the text box. An overlay will open that will allow you to change the size, font, alignment, and color of the text using the toolbar at the top. Click Apply Changes when you are satisfied with your text.
  3. Use the Layouts and Backgrounds tabs at the bottom to change how many photos appear on the page, the spacing between these photos, and the background pattern or image. To apply a layout or background, drag the icon to an empty space in the calendar builder. Your pointer will turn from a red X to a green + when you are hovering over a usable area.
  4. Click the orange Next arrow to move to the next page of your calendar and repeat the steps above.
  5. In the calendar grid (dates of the month), you can click once to open a box that will allow you to add custom text to any day, as well as an image. (For example, you could place a picture of your child on his or her birthdate.)
  6. Click the blue Order Calendar button in the bottom right corner to place the calendar in your cart.


  • To edit or delete an image or text box, hover over the designated area. You'll see buttons for Edit or Delete.
  • You can also preview your calendar by clicking the Preview button at the bottom. 
  • To save your calendar to work on later, click the Save icon in the upper left corner. For help with saving projects, follow How to Save Projects.
  • For pricing and shipping information, follow Calendar Pricing and Shipping. Collage Calendar Poster pricing can be found at Poster Prints Pricing.
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