Photo Help - Downloading high resolution photos 1.0


Downloading high resolution photos 1.0

Published 04/03/2016 20:03 PM   |    Updated 04/03/2016 20:03 PM

When you download high-resolution (hi-res) versions of your photos, you get high-quality digital picture files you can use in a variety of ways. Print them out on your own printer, create wallpaper for your PC, or enhance your photos using your favorite photo software. These photos are 1612x1024 pixels, sufficient for a high-quality 8x10 inch print.

You can pick individual photos from different albums and download them to your computer in minutes. The speed of your download depends on how many photos you select for download and the speed of your Internet connection. For example, downloading 5 photos (500k each) using a 56k modem takes about 8 to 10 minutes. With DSL, it would take 2-3 minutes.

To download high resolution (hi-res) photos:

  1. In your album view, hover over the Tools button in the top toolbar and click Download from the drop down menu.
  2. Select the checkbox next to each photo you'd like to download and click Choose These Photos. There is a limit of 10 images per download.
  3. Review the photos to be downloaded and click Continue. The system will begin processing and compressing the files. Do not close your browser window.
  4. Click Download Now to download a .zip file of your selected photos.
    • Please note that the image you download with have the same resolution as the image that you originally uploaded.

If your browser doesn't automatically open the file, you'll need to unzip it with an additional software utility. For your convenience, we've provided links to a couple of utilities below.
Note - these are not part of the Walgreens Photo Center service. If you have any trouble installing or using either program, please contact the respective publisher. You'll find more information on downloading in Hi-Res Downloading Help.
Download Winzip for Windows.
Download Stuffit Expander for Macintosh.


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