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How to Create Photo Gifts 1.0

Published 04/03/2016 19:31 PM   |    Updated 04/03/2016 19:31 PM

You can use your photos to create unique, personalized photo gifts. We can ship your photo gifts to you, or directly to a friend or family member - anywhere in the United States.

To shop for photo gifts, click on the Gifts & More tab in the top navigation bar. You can select from popular gifts in the dropdown menu, choose one of the featured gift categories on the Gifts page.

Depending on where you were when you entered the Gifts section, you may or may not have selected a photo to use on your gift. If a thumbnail version of your photo appears on the page, then you have already selected a photo. Just enter a quantity for the item; choose the size, color, or whatever other specifications are required; and click the ADD TO CART button to go to checkout.

If a photo does not appear on your photo gift page, your photos will appear in a row at either the bottom or the left side of the page. Click Select under the photo that you'd like to use.

We will automatically check the resolution of the photos you choose to determine whether they are sufficient for your photo gifts. If your photo is not of an adequate resolution, an orange triangle Image will appear below the thumbnail of the photo. Most gifts require a photo with a minimum resolution of 900 x 600 pixels (200 dpi).

Tip: You can choose a different photo for your gift item at any time by clicking the Remove photo link located under the photo, or later by clicking Edit item in your cart.

View a complete listing of our photo gifts or get pricing info.

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