Photo Help - How to Create Designer Prints 1.0


How to Create Designer Prints 1.0

Published 11/09/2016 15:12 PM   |    Updated 11/09/2016 15:12 PM
You can use any photo in your Walgreens account to create custom Designer Prints with a personalized message. Designer Prints can be printed on either glossy or matte photo paper.

Available in 8x8, 8x10 and 12x12 sizes. Follow Designer Prints to get started.

To personalize a Designer Print, follow these steps:

  1. Select the template you would like to create.
  2. Select the size you would like to create, then click Continue.
  3. To add photos, drag photos from the bar at right onto your Designer Print. The photos from your Favorites album will appear automatically. To use photos from a different album, click the Select another album link. To upload new photos for your Designer Print, click the Upload new photos link. To remove a photo, roll your mouse over the photo and click on the gray X that appears.

    Note: You can save your Designer Print to your projects at any time by clicking the Save Designer Print button at the bottom of the page.
  4. To edit a photo you've added to your Designer Print, roll your mouse over the photo and click the paintbrush icon that appears. A new editing box will open with a preview of your photo. Use the buttons below the photo preview to rotate, remove red-eye, apply a tint, crop, flip, or enhance color. To undo an edit, click the Revert changes link. When you're done editing, click Apply changes.

    Note: Any edits you make while creating a Designer Print will only be applied to the photo on your Designer Print. The photo saved in your account will not be changed.
  5. To add a caption or message to your Designer Print, click the Click to add text box on the Designer Print preview. A text box will open. Type in your message, choose your font and color, then click Apply changes when you're done. To remove a message, clear the text in the box, then click Apply changes again.

    Note: You can spell-check your message by clicking the Spell check button in the text box.
  6. If you'd like to change your Designer Print's design or photo layout, use the orange tabs below the preview to browse designs and layouts, then click on the one you'd like to use. To view designs from different occasions, click the Change occasion link and pick a new occasion.
  7. Once you're happy with your Designer Print, click the Continue button.
  8. On the next page, review your Designer Print and enter the quantity you'd like to order. Your Designer Print will be printed exactly as it appears in the preview. If you need to make any changes, click the Back to Edit link.
  9. Finally, click the box next to I have reviewed my Designer Print for errors and add your Designer Print to your cart.
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