Photo Help - Options for Uploading Digital Photos 1.0


Options for Uploading Digital Photos 1.0

Published 03/22/2016 20:53 PM   |    Updated 03/22/2016 20:53 PM

Quick Answer:
To upload photos using the default upload tool, follow Upload Photos. If you are not already signed in, you will be taken to the sign in page. Enter your credentials, then click Select Photos and locate the images (in .jpg format) on your computer. Follow the prompts to complete your upload, and click Done Uploading when you're finished.  

There are several easy ways to add photos to your Walgreens Photo account. Click one of the links below to begin using the selected upload tool. You may be taken to a sign in page if you are not already signed in to your account.

Easy Upload is the default tool for PC and Mac. This tool requires Flash to be loaded on the machine. Browse your computer or memory card file directory to upload one photo at a time or multiple photos at once. You can also start the Easy Upload process by clicking on the silver Upload New Photos button on your photo home page.
Help: How to use Easy Upload

Basic Upload allows you to upload photos from your computer one at a time. No downloads needed, but basic upload can take longer if uploading large files or multiple photos.
Help: How to use Basic Upload

Import from Facebook allows you to import your Facebook photos and albums to order prints or use in Walgreens Photo projects.
Help: Importing photos from your Facebook account


If you have photos in your mobile phone, tablet, or email account:

Email your photos from your email account or your phone to, and we'll upload them to your account. More Info on emailing photos to your photo account

Mobile Phone and Tablet Applications for Android, iPhone (including iPad and iPod Touch), Windows Phone, and Blackberry devices all have easy ways to add photos from your phone to your photo account.

If your photos are located elsewhere online:

Picasa Desktop or Picasa Web Albums allow you to upload and order directly from the Picasa software. 

Shutterfly allows printing to your local Walgreens directly from the Shutterfly website.
Looking for Quick Upload? Try Easy Upload. It's quick, easy, and no installation is required.
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