Photo Help - Ordering Prints from your Photo Library or an Album 1.0


Ordering Prints from your Photo Library or an Album 1.0

Published 04/03/2016 19:28 PM   |    Updated 04/03/2016 19:28 PM

To order prints from Walgreens Photo, you must first be signed in and upload your digital files to your Walgreens Photo account. To start uploading, follow Upload Photos. For help uploading, follow How to Use Easy Upload. If your photos are already uploaded to your account, follow the steps below to order prints.

  1. Click the Your Photos button at the top left of the screen to view all your photo albums.
  2. Click to open the album that contains the photos you'd like to order.
  3. Click the checkbox to select each photo that you'd like to order.
    TIP: Click the Select All link from the top toolbar to select all images in the album.
  4. Hover over the Order Prints icon in the middle toolbar and select either Express order 4x6 prints of selected photos or Choose from all sizes and quantities from the drop down menu.

    To add more prints to your cart, click the link of the album on the left side of the page and repeat steps 3 and 4. Or, if you're done adding prints to your cart, proceed to step 5.
  5. Click the Photo Checkout icon at the top right of the screen to view your cart.
  6. Click on Glossy Prints in the cart to access the print selections page.
  7. Select the size and quantity of each print you would like to order, as well as your photo finish (glossy or matte).
  8. Click the blue Add to Cart button.
  9. Click the blue Proceed to Checkout button.
  10. Choose whether you would like to pick up or ship your prints and click Continue.
  11. Follow the payment instructions to complete your order.


  • Available print sizes are 4x6, 5x7, or 8x10, 4x4 square prints, 8x8 square prints, and uncut sheets of 4 wallet-size (2x3) prints. Larger sizes are covered under Poster Prints.
  • For store pickup orders, prints are available with a glossy finish. For mail orders, prints are available with either a glossy or matte finish. There is no additional charge for either finish.
  • You can change your order at any point before you click on the Submit Order button during check out. For mail orders, you will not be charged until you click on Submit Order. For store pickup orders, you will not be charged until you pick up your order in the store.
  • Follow Print and Enlargement Pricing for price details.
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