Photo Help - Paying with a Walgreens Photo Gift Card 1.0


Paying with a Walgreens Photo Gift Card 1.0

Published 04/03/2016 19:38 PM   |    Updated 04/03/2016 19:38 PM

You can use a Walgreens Photo™ Gift Card to make any photo purchase in a Walgreens store as well as Walgreens Photo online for mail delivery. You can use up to five (5) Walgreens Photo™ Gift Cards for a single purchase. To use multiple cards click on the "Add Another Gift Card" link. Walgreens Photo Gift Cards are not valid on prescriptions or Walgreens store items (non-photo). If you choose to pay with a gift card, you have to pay for your entire purchase using a gift card. If you do not have enough funds on one gift card, you will have to enter additional gift cards until the entire balance is paid for.

To check your Walgreens Photo Gift Card balance, follow Balance and Account Activity. Enter your 19-digit card number and PIN (from the back of the card) and click the Check Balance button. You will see your Walgreens Photo gift card number and the current balance on your card. Please keep your Walgreens Photo gift card for any refunds or returns so that we can reimburse your account. Sorry, we are unable to give cash reimbursements.

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