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Photo Canvas Crop Help 1.0

Published 04/03/2016 20:10 PM   |    Updated 04/03/2016 20:10 PM

When you crop your image to fit on a photo canvas, you can move the viewable portion of your image. The photo editor does this for you automatically, but you can customize this selection with the edit tool in the Photo Canvas builder.

After inserting your image into the canvas, hover over it and click Edit. To move, just click and drag. The parts of the image that are outside of the black lines will be wrapped around the frame of the canvas. If you are satisfied with your adjustments, click Apply changes to return to the builder.

NOTE: If you order a collage canvas, the preview on the screen will appear as if the images are not taking up enough room on the product. This is because the system is accounting for the part of the image that will be folded over the sides of the canvas. Your images will take up more room on the product than what is shown on the preview on the site.

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