Photo Help - Print & Enlargement Pricing and Shipping 1.0


Print & Enlargement Pricing and Shipping 1.0

Published 02/26/2017 19:07 PM   |    Updated 02/26/2017 19:07 PM

NOTE: The pricing grid below applies to regular price digital prints only. Follow Film Processing for information on film development in Walgreens stores. Orders submitted to the store cannot contain more than 9,999 prints. Follow Special Offers for applicable sale prices. Mobile Prints pricing is located here.

Looking for sizes bigger than 8x10 or posters? Check out Posters Pricing.

ProductIn-Store Pickup
In-Store Price (each)Mail Delivery
Mail Delivery Price (each)
4x6 Print1-50 Prints$0.291+ Prints$0.12
4x6 Print51+ Prints$0.201+ Prints$0.12
5x7 Print1+ Prints$2.491+ Prints$2.49
8x10 Print1+ Prints$3.991+ Prints$3.99
(set of 4)
1+ Prints$0.991+Prints$0.99
Family Pack1+ Packs$4.991+  Prints$4.99
Value Pack
1+ Packs$9.991+ Prints$9.99
4x6 Collage
1+ Prints$0.391+ Prints$0.39
5x7 Collage Print1+ Prints$2.991+ Prints$2.99
8x10 Collage Print1+ Prints$4.491+ Prints$4.49
Paper type: For store pickup orders, prints are available in glossy finish. For mail orders, prints are available in glossy or matte finish. True Digital Prints may come in either a glossy or matte finish in store; contact your local store directly to see which finish it uses. There is no additional charge for either finish. 
Shipping & Handling: Mail Delivery Prints & Enlargements
Note: In-store pick orders do not pay shipping and handling
Shipping MethodQuantityPrice
Standard (USPS)1-5 Prints$0.99
 6-15 Prints$1.48
 16-25 Prints$1.97
 Ea. add'l 10 itemsAdd $0.49
 100+ Prints$5.89
2 Day (Expedited)1-5 Prints$5.99
 6-15 Prints$6.48
 16-25 Prints$6.97
 Ea. add'l 10 itemsAdd $0.49
Overnight (Rush)1-5 Prints$8.99
 6-15 Prints$9.48
 16-25 Prints$9.97
 Ea. add'l 10 printsAdd $0.49


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