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Tag Favorites 1.0

Published 03/22/2016 20:56 PM   |    Updated 03/22/2016 20:56 PM
As you view the photos in your albums (or in Friends' albums), you can tag individual photos as favorites.

To tag a photo as a favorite, simply navigate to that photo's individual photo view page. Then click Add to favorites from the toolbar at the right. You can also add multiple photos at once to your favorites; in the album view, single click to select each photo you'd like to favorite and click the heart icon in the top toolbar.

When you tag a photo as a favorite, we place a copy of that photo in your Favorites album. Then, when you're ready to order a gift, create a calendar, or create a photobook, your favorites are easily accessible.

To view your favorites, click the Your Photos link to go to your photo library. Then click Favorites (the heart icon) in the toolbar to the left.

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