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View Saved Projects 1.0

Published 03/22/2016 20:56 PM   |    Updated 03/22/2016 20:56 PM
Whenever you create a project including photo books, calendars, photo cards, specialty prints, notebooks, and address labels, you can save your work - to return to it later, share it with friends, or use it in another gift order. To view your saved projects, follow these steps:
  1. Sign in to your photo account.
  2. On your Photo Home page, click the orange Saved Projects tab in the center of the page. Your most recent saved projects will display.
  3. Click the blue View All Saved Projects button to display all of your saved projects, organized by project type and by date.

NOTE: You can also view projects that your friends have shared with you by clicking Friends' in the left toolbar. You can't edit friends' projects, but you can view them and order them for yourself.

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