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Canvas and Decor Pricing and Shipping

Published 08/30/2019 00:13 AM   |    Updated 08/30/2019 00:13 AM

Please see below for pricing and shipping information for products in the Canvas and Decor product category.

Gift Pricing

2x3 Magnet$4.99
3x3 Photo Cube$29.99
4x4 Framed Magnet$6.99
4x6 Framed Magnet$6.99
4x6 Magnet$6.99
5x7 Glass Print$39.99
14x20 Pillow$39.99
18x18 Pillow$44.99
Acrylic Paperweight$19.99
Beach Towel$39.99
Christmas Stocking$29.99
Cutting Board$29.99
Dish Towel$11.99
Fancy Metal Easel$10.99
Fleece Blanket, 50x60$69.99
Fleece Blanket, 60x80$79.99
Keepsake Box$29.99
Personalized Floor Mat$39.99
Plush Fleece Blanket, 50x60$79.99
Plush Fleece Blanket, 60x80$89.99
Porcelain Plate$19.99
Pot Holder$11.99
Sherpa Fleece Blanket$99.99
Tapestry Blanket$99.99

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Gift Shipping and Handling

QuantityStandard (USPS)2-Day (Expedited)Rush (Overnight)
1 gift$5.99 total$13.99 total$24.99 total
Ea. add'l giftadd $1.99add $3.99add $5.99

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Canvas Pricing

SizePrice: UnframedPrice: Framed
Canvas Print, 8x10$39.99$59.99
Canvas Print, 11x14 $49.99$69.99
Canvas Print, 12x12$49.99$69.99
Canvas Print, 16x20$89.99$119.99
Canvas Print, 20x24 (not available for same day pickup)$149.99$199.99
Canvas Print, 20x30 (not available for same day pickup)$169.99$249.99

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Collage Canvas 

SizePrice: UnframedPrice: Framed
8x10 Collage Canvas$44.99$64.99
12x12 Collage Canvas$54.99$74.99
11x14 Collage Canvas$54.99$74.99
16x20 Collage Canvas$94.99$124.99

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Custom Floating Frame, Metal Panel, Wood Hanger and Wood Panel Pricing

5x7 Custom Floating Frame $49.99
8x10 Custom Floating Frame$49.99
4x6 Custom Floating Frame$49.99
4x4 Custom Floating Frame$49.99
Metal Panel, 5x7$19.99
Metal Panel, 8x10$29.99
Metal Panel, 11x14 (available for same day pickup)$59.99
Metal Panel, 12x12$59.99
Metal Panel, 16x20$69.99
Metal Panel, 20x24$99.99
Metal Panel, 20x30$129.99
Wood Hanger$29.99
Wood Panel, 5x7 (available for same day pickup)$24.99
Wood Panel, 8x10 (available for same day pickup)$39.99
Wood Panel, 11x14$59.99
Wood Panel, 12x12$59.99
Wood Panel, 16x20$69.99
Wood Panel, 20x30$99.99

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Wood Panel Collage 

5x7 Wood Panel Collage$25.99
8x10 Wood Panel Collage$41.99

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Custom Floating Frame, Canvas, Wood Panel,Wood Hanger and Metal Panel Shipping and Handling

SizeQuantityStandard (USPS)2-Day (Expedited)Overnight (Rush)
5x7 or 8x10 size, Wood Hanger (11x14)1 product$7.99 total$31.99 total$37.99 total
 Ea. add'l Productadd $4.00add $7.00add $7.00
11x14, 12x12, 16x20, 20x24, 20x30 or Custom Floating Frame1 product$14.99 total$36.99 total$41.99 total
 Ea. add'l Productadd $7.00add $10.00add $10.00

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