Photo Help - Can I access my Photo Account at the In-Store Photo Kiosks?


Can I access my Photo Account at the In-Store Photo Kiosks?

Published 10/22/2016 03:19 AM   |    Updated 10/22/2016 03:19 AM

Yes, you can go into a Walgreens store location that has a photo department and access your Photo Account from the photo kiosks. You can log into your account to have access to your images to use them in creating products that are sold in-store. Please click here to locate a store that has a photo department.

Important Notes:
-You can only access the images that are stored on your online account
-You cannot access saved projects or projects that have already been started on your online account
-You cannot saved projects that you create on the in-store kiosk to your online account
-You cannot access account information or items that have already been added to your cart

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