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Photo File Size

Published 06/24/2016 14:51 PM   |    Updated 06/24/2016 14:51 PM

If you plan to order prints or create gifts using your digital photos, we recommend the following image sizes for best results: 

Please note that we always check the resolution of every photo before you order a reprint or photo product. If we think the photo isn't large enough to produce a quality image, we'll let you know.

NOTE: All sizes of photos can be uploaded, but problems can occur with file sizes over 20 MB, you may want to reduce files bigger than this if you encounter uploading problems.

Print SizeMinimum image resolution required
4 x 6540x360 pixels
5 x 7630x450 pixels
8 x 10900x720 pixels
Wallet Prints270x180 pixels
Photo Gifts900x600 pixels
4x8 Photo Cards640x426 pixels
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