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Photo Image Resolution and DPI Requirements

Published 06/20/2024 10:53 AM   |    Updated 06/20/2024 10:53 AM

Please refer to this chart to determine the minimum image size you need to produce quality prints.

NOTE: If your photo doesn't meet these minimum image-size requirements, you'll see an orange triangle (Image) next to one or more print sizes in your cart. To avoid receiving a low-quality print, we recommend against ordering sizes marked with an orange triangle.
Print Size/ProductMinimum Image Resolution
4x6 Prints540x360 pixels
5x7 Prints630x450 Pixels
8x10 Prints900x720 pixels
Wallet Prints270x180 pixels
11x14 Posters1008x792 pixels
12x18 Posters2682x1788 pixels
16x20 Posters2980x2384 pixels
20x30 Posters4470x2980 pixels
24x36 Posters5400x3600 pixels
2x6 Banner1800x1440 pixels
2x8 Banner1800x1440 pixels
Photo Gifts900x600 pixels
4x8 Photo Cards640x426 pixels
5x7 Photo Cards640x480 pixels
5x7 Folded Cards840x600 pixels
4.25x6 Postcards720x480 pixels
5x7 Postcards840x600 pixels
Custom Cover Photo Books1280x1024 pixels
Brag Books580x435 pixels
Notebooks1350x1000 pixels
Notepads370x370 pixels
Stickers370x370 pixels
8x10 Canvas710x768 pixels
11x14 Canvas994x781 pixels
12x12 Canvas852x852 pixels
16x20 Canvas1420x1136 pixels
20x24 Canvas1740x1420 pixels
20x30 Canvas3000x2000 pixels

Please note that we recommend that a photo be 200-300 DPI when uploading it to our site.

Use this conversion to judge how large of a print that your digital camera can produce.

Camera MegapixelsImage Resolution*
3MP2048x1536 pixels
4MP2464x1632 pixels
6MP3008x2000 pixels
8MP3264x2448 pixels
10MP3872x2592 pixels
12MP4290x2800 pixels
16MP4920x3264 pixels

*Typical Resolution. Actual pixel dimensions vary slightly from camera to camera.

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