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Name a Saved Project

Published 02/19/2017 12:34 PM   |    Updated 04/07/2017 15:45 PM

To save and assign a name to a project you're working on, please follow these steps:

  1. While the project builder is open, you will see a description of the product in the top left corner. Click on the description and a cursor will appear. Enter the name for your project.
  2. Then click the Save icon at the top of the page.
  3. Please note that you can also click the ... icon next to the product name to change the title of your project. If you choose this option, click Save project as...
  4. Then type over the text that is currently in the box and click Save.
  5. Your project will now appear with your new title under your saved projects.

Please be aware that when you rename an existing photo project, a duplicate of that project is created with the new name. The original project, with the original project name, will still exist in your saved projects. You will need to delete any unwanted duplicate photo projects. Please note that you are not able to delete a saved project that you have already purchased.

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