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Ordering Prints from Shutterfly

Published 06/24/2016 15:20 PM   |    Updated 06/24/2016 15:20 PM

You can print images from your Shutterfly account and pick them up at your local Walgreens store.

  1. In the album view, select the images you'd like to order and hover over Prints in the top toolbar and click Order Prints.
  2. Select the size and quantity of the prints you'd like to order and click Add to Cart.
  3. Click Continue to Cart to continue with the ordering process.
  4. Click Checkout.
  5. On the Your Order page, click 1-hour pickup available.
  6. Insert an address or zip code to find the closest Walgreens store to your location and check the box next to Walgreens.
  7. Use the map and store list to locate your preferred Walgreens store and click on the store you would like to choose. 
    NOTE: If a store does not offer photo pickup, the store details will read "This store is currently not available for in-store pickup."
  8. Type your first name, last name, and phone number in the gray box for pickup reference.
  9. Click Pick up Here to review your shopping cart and check out. The shopping cart detail page will show an estimated time for your prints to be ready for pickup.
  10. Click Order.
  11. You will be paying for your prints in the Walgreens store, so all you have to do is bring your order confirmation with you when picking up your prints.
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