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Photo Quick Pay Order

Published 04/12/2023 08:55 AM   |    Updated 04/12/2023 08:55 AM
You have the ability to quick pay for an online photo order that you place to be picked up at the store if the order is under $75. To utilize the Quick Pay option, please use the steps below.

While on the Order Fulfillment page:

  1. Select the radio button next to Pick up my order.
  2. Enter the zip code of the store you would like to pick the order up at.
  3. Click Find a Pickup Location.
  4. On the store locator page, click Choose this Location under the store you would like to pick your order up at.
  5. Select the time you would like to pick up the order.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. In the Payment Box, click the Edit link.
  8. On the Payment Information page, enter the credit card information
  9. Click the radio button next to Use Quick Pay.
  10. Enter the billing address.
  11. Click Continue.
  12. Click SUBMIT ORDER to place  your order.

The credit card information will be transmitted to the store. When you go to the store to pick up the order, it is not required to have the credit card present to pay for the order, although we recommend having the card in case of technical issues where the card does not transmit to the store. Please note that while using Quick Pay, you cannot purchase other items at the store using that credit card unless you have the credit card present to pay for the additional items.

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