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Published 08/01/2023 07:50 AM   |    Updated 08/01/2023 07:50 AM

Walgreens is changing their photo storage policies. For customers who have not placed an order within the last 18 months will receive an email advising them of the changes.  

Why am I receiving this email? 
We’ve identified your account as being one that hasn’t placed or picked up a Photo order recently. Our storage policy has changed to require a purchase every 18 months to ensure your images can be accessed easily and quickly.  

What happens if I don’t place an order within 10 days?
To ensure that you are able to take advantage of the special offer in the email please make to place an order from the account identified in the email within 10 days.

What if I forgot my login information? 
Your login and email information are stored in your main Walgreens account. If you've forgotten or misplaced your password, we will reset your account and send a new password to the email address you have on file. Request a new password What happens if I don’t place a Photo Order within 18 months? Our Photo storage policy was recently updated to require a purchase every 18 months.  If you do not make at least 1 purchase every 18 months your photos may be subject to an alternative storage method.  With this new alternate storage method, the time it takes for your photos to be accessed, viewed and used will notably increase. The purchase can be as simple as a single 4x6 print, or any of our unique Photo products.  

How long will Photo Center store my photos in my online account?
Currently Walgreens Photo stores your images as long as you make a purchase once every 18 months. If you do not make a purchase in this time period, your photos may be moved to a server that will take longer to access.  The purchase can be as simple as a single 4x6 print, or ordering any of the high-quality photo products we offer. 

**Please note that your images will never be removed from your account.**
Tip: You should always preserve your content, make back-up copies on your personal system and have your photos stored on more than one location.

I think I may have multiple Walgreens Photo accounts, how do I know which is affected?
Please reference the user name listed in your email to identify which Photo account needs your attention. If you continue to experience password issues, please call Customer Service at 877-250-5823.

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