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What is Walgreens Media Recovery Service?

Published 07/26/2016 15:41 PM   |    Updated 07/26/2016 15:41 PM

Walgreens Media Recovery Service is a program to help customers recover data from damaged media cards. The service attempts to restore media cards that are damaged or reformatted. It can also recover accidentally deleted photos. Please note, not all media can be recovered.

If the media is recovered, you will receive a CD or DVD of all images. If the media is not recovered, you will receive the media card with an explanatory letter. You will not be charged if the media is not recovered.

To use this service, take your media card to the Photo department of your local Walgreens.

Media Recovery service costs $39.99 for media cards 1GB and less. For anything over 1GB, the customer is charged $39.99 plus $15.00 for each additional GB. Please note that the retail will be based on the total GB recovered. The final retail is determined by the vendor.

Each order gets sent out for recovery and will take 2-3 weeks to complete.

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